UPDATE: Core Web Vitals to Rollout in Mid-June According to Google

What’s Changed?

  • New page experience update will now roll out starting in mid-June.
  • The update will be a gradual roll out through the end of August.
  • New search console reports in preparation for the update were recently launched.

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What is the Google Page Experience Update?

Set to begin rolling out in May, Google’s Page Experience Update will start evaluating user experience signals as part of their search ranking factors.

These signals include:

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • The website runs on HTTPS
  • Intrusive Interstitials (i.e., usage of overly intrusive pop-ups)
  • Layout Shifting

Since many websites currently taking up top spots may not maximize efficiency in these areas, we can expect to see a huge shakeup in the search engines. Older sites ranking solely on domain age could fall to newer websites that abide by Google’s user experience metrics.

Firm Media has been aware of this update for quite some time and has relentlessly worked to ensure our websites are built to hit the marks that matter. We strive to make each one of our websites future-proof from potential Google penalization or any ranking repression.

For more information on this update, we invite you to read Search Engine Land’s recent article here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the future of your SEO campaign, feel free to contact us directly.

By Karla Duarte
Karla is an SEO Technician and Content Management Specialist at Firm Media. She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, with a focus in Computer Information Systems. Karla plays a pivotal role at Firm Media in streamlining our content strategies, managing our team of talented writers, and ensuring overall quality control.

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