There is no denying that the Internet is a crowded place—especially when it comes to competition amongst medical practices. This is why pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is immensely popular by practitioners within the medical community who are looking to expand their reach and influence, and attract new patients through their door. However, PPC ads can seriously drain your marketing budget if they are not handled by a marketing team that knows exactly what to target to attract patients who are ready for surgery.

It is pertinent that your medical practice partners with a marketing team that specializes in helping clients in the medical field. Here are a few reasons why:

PPC is Not One Size Fits All

While PPC campaigns are a popular and effective way to make new patients aware of the services and procedures offered by your medical practice, there is considerable room for error. If you provide “breast augmentation” services in “Kansas City, MO” then you likely want to be found for those keywords—and PPC can certainly enable this to happen.

But there is a cost behind earning the top positions for those words—and considerable strategy is needed to showcase your medical practice’s ad when a prospective patient conducts a search on a platform like Google. It is necessary to have PPC campaigns set up, so you are not only attracting meaningful traffic from ads but also scheduling consultations with new patient leads.

To leverage the power of PPC and realize a return on investment, take the same approach that a patient would when searching for a qualified medical practice. Identify a PPC marketing team that specializes in the medical field—one who has a deep knowledge of the challenges practitioners like you face to attract meaningful new patient leads—and avoid a “generalist” marketing team to achieve an increase in patient volume without wasting money.

What to Expect from a PPC Marketing Team that Understands Healthcare?

Quite simply, you will attract new patients to your practice within weeks—as opposed to months. And they will be farther along in their buyer’s journey.

Here is why:

  • Your marketing team will be well-versed in how to pick the right keywords. It is not enough to “trust your gut” in this regard. There must be a strategy behind finding keywords that are relevant to the services or procedures you offer while also adhering to a budget, realizing high search volume, and appealing to a targeted audience member at a key point in their buyer’s journey.
  • Compelling PPC ads will be created on your behalf. Search engines are constantly looking to show best-in-class content to users, which means the copy in your PPC ads must relate closely to the search keyword. A PPC marketing team that specializes in the medical field will be able to create action-driven copy that has the potential to attract and convert.
  • PPC advertising begins working instantly, which means the moment that your marketing team deploys a proven strategy and launches your practice’s ads with Google’s approval, you will find yourself at the top of the results page in the search engines.
  • When your ad is at the very top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), your information will be presented to prospective patients right away—and they can begin contacting you to schedule a consultation.
  • You will target the right patients with your ad and appeal to individuals who are looking to make a buying decision soon—and not just starting out in conducting research or gathering general information. Of course, it is great to educate consumers about your practice’s offering—but education alone does not grow revenues. You need to appeal to prospective patients who are ready to buy. A PPC medical marketing team that has a deep understanding of how a buyer’s journey progresses will be able to enable this for your practice.

Deep Dive and In-Depth Analysis is Also Needed

PPC advertising is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. It requires constant attention, analysis, modification, and tracking. A PPC marketing team with focused expertise in the medical field will know this and make it a priority with your digital marketing campaign. They will recognize that you do not have an unlimited marketing budget and will be committed to not burning through your advertising dollars by continuing with a strategy that has stalled or is not effective.

Rather, a PPC medical marketing team will be results-oriented and conduct routine analysis and audits to ensure your medical practice’s ads will stand out.  They will understand what is working, what needs to be tweaked, and what needs to be stopped entirely – all based on data-driven decisions. They will be cognizant at all times of your PPC metrics and be prepared to pivot in real time to get you the results you desire.

PPC is Part of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

The final point is that PPC advertising is not a standalone digital marketing strategy. When it is done correctly, it should be but one component of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that includes a custom website, SEO, social media marketing, email outreach, brand development, and more. These are all elements that contribute to throttling patient-discovery, education, and action in a marketing campaign for your medical practice.

At Firm Media, we specialize in digital marketing for medical and dental practices and have built our reputation on remaining abreast of best practices. We seek to become your partner, consulting with you to learn about your goals and through what lens you view marketing success.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how PPC advertising can be incorporated into a well-thought-out approach to digital marketing. Contact us today.

By Anthony Albiero
Anthony came to Firm Media in 2017 and started as an Account Executive. Through his willingness, perseverance, and thirst for knowledge Anthony has since been elevated to SEM Strategist, where he is certified by Google and consistently delivers strong results in our client's PPC campaigns.

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