When you want to make a change to your practice’s website, is the process fast and simple? Are patients secure when they use your current site, and can they easily view the site on a range of devices? Can you add sophisticated features and custom designs without waiting a long time for a development team to finish its work?

WordPress, the world’s most popular website-building software, makes it possible to say, “Yes.” Nearly 38% of all sites use WordPress to create and manage content because of the advantages it offers over traditional static websites.

If your medical practice isn’t on WordPress, it may be wasting time, money, and energy in maintenance and development. Learn more about what WordPress is, what it does, and how Firm Media uses it to help clients grow their practices.

How Do I Know If Our Website Uses WordPress?

Here’s one of the simplest ways to find out:

  1. Visit Built With and enter your site’s address.
  2. Take a look at the results page. There should be a box that says, “Content Management System” with “WordPress” listed.
  3. If you don’t see “Content Management System” or “WordPress” anywhere, this means that your site probably doesn’t use it.

The Benefits of WordPress

Easy to Edit and Update

Let’s say you want to share a promotion, add a blog, revise your practice’s treatment pages, or include a “before and after” gallery. With a static website, you may need the help of a developer to create or change the right code.

WordPress works differently because it’s a content management system. This design separates a website’s appearance, copy, and images from other code, and it simplifies the process of adding new features. Using WordPress’s user-friendly dashboard, Firm Media can quickly update your website to meet your needs.

More Secure and Stable

Over time, your practice’s site may begin to load more slowly, may not look right on the latest devices, or may not work at all in some web browsers. Outdated code is also at risk from online bots and hackers, which constantly seek to exploit loopholes in older coding standards.

A static website needs to be maintained on an ongoing basis to protect against these problems. However, WordPress is continually updated by a large support community. It also has built-in capabilities to defend against intrusion and to back up site data.

Effective at Converting Prospects into Patients — Even on Mobile Devices

Multiple sources suggest that over 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. It’s more important than ever for your website to offer a great mobile experience.

Firm Media builds WordPress websites that are responsive across 99.99% of modern devices. This means that sites are attractive and easy to navigate whether you view them on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Simpler for Integrating Advanced Marketing Tools

You don’t need to start from scratch to build impressive features for your site. WordPress has more than 57,000 plugins that can enhance your practice’s capabilities, whether your goal is to produce a library of treatment pictures or to build a webpage for a promotional offer.

Firm Media uses WordPress plugins to develop the site features that our clients want — in less time. Some examples:

  • Help more patients find your medical practice through search engine optimization plugins.
  • Using paid advertising and paid search ads? Firm Media can quickly create landing pages with offers relevant to your audience.
  • Integrate your social media posts into your treatment pages, and introduce visitors to your online community.
  • Track what people do on your website. Analytics plugins allow Firm Media to see what’s working and what’s not and to remove roadblocks to conversion.

Get Started with WordPress

Firm Media can help your practice transition from its existing site to the WordPress platform. Whether your goal is to get a modern and updated web presence or to take advantage of the features and plugins WordPress offers, our team has extensive experience in design, development, and content.

Find out how the world’s most popular website platform can improve your medical practice. Contact Firm Media at (855) 681-3292 or online.

By Jaycie Kim
Jaycie is the Design Manager at Firm Media, where she brings a unique style of creativity paired with data driven decisions to help clients not only display their digital presence with confidence but also create campaigns that raise their ROI. With a passion and eye for design, she continues to follow the latest trends and engage in new, thought provoking ideas to make better products.

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