Whether you want to expand the reach of your dental practice or you are facing competitive pressure for potential patients, we can help. We’re Firm Media, a locally-based expert in dental marketing. Orange County-area practices, including professionals in Los Angeles and San Diego, choose us to manage their internet marketing and to make a real impact in their business.

Unlike many internet marketing providers, Firm Media begins with strategy. We identify the issues that your dental practice faces and the objectives that you’d like to achieve. These objectives are at the core of everything we do to market your services.

Firm Media specializes in promoting professional practices. With our experience in dental marketing, San Diego and Los Angeles dentists get support tailored to the unique challenges and requirements of their industry.

We understand both the technical and layperson aspects of general dental practices, oral surgery practices, and specialists. As a result, the marketing we provide is more precise and more individualized than what other internet marketers can provide.

Our Capabilities

Web, search, social, and video are at the core or our dental marketing. Orange County and San Francisco practices may already be invested in these services, but they may not be getting what they expect. Learn more about the difference we offer in…

Website design: An attractive, professional, and modern layout is only the beginning. Firm Media creates websites that engage visitors and drive them to your site goals. This may mean introducing your practice to potential patients and inviting them to call your offices. For existing patients, it may be sharing new services and signing them up for appointments.

Search engine optimization: Patients use Google, Bing, and other online engines to find the services they need. Firm Media creates campaigns to target new patients, geographic locations, and specific procedures, and we identify the keywords that will drive the greatest relevent traffic. We integrate everything with an analytics system that helps you visualize the results.

Social media marketing: With internet dental marketing, San Diego and Los Angeles practices need to expand beyond their website. Firm Media creates platforms for your practice on major social networks, where current patients, potential patients, and colleagues go to share and get information. We create content and help you make connections that drive real-world revenue and growth.

Video marketing: Video is one of the most personal and compelling ways to promote your services. With online dental marketing, your practice can take the best elements of visual story-telling and combine them with the reach and immediacy of the web. Firm Media creates and distributes your video and tracks views, traffic, and other metrics.

Because we focus all of these capabilities on achieving your business objectives, you will see the impact of your marketing investment in the immediate and long-term results we provide.

If your dental practice is exploring marketing services in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego, visit Firm Media, give us a call at (855)912-0573, or connect online.