There are several signs that your practice may be suffering from ineffective dental marketing:

  • Chicago patients may be paying less attention to your promotions, whether they’re direct mailings, television ads, or online content.
  • You may be losing potential patients to competing dental practices.
  • Patients may not remember or know about your practice when they begin to explore providers.

If you’re unhappy with the effectiveness of your marketing, Firm Media can help.

Firm Media supports professional practices with online dental and medical marketing. Chicago dentists and practices throughout the country rely on us for results that make a real impact on their business.

Our clients include general dentists, oral surgeons, and businesses and associations that support the dental industry. With our years of work in dental marketing, Chicago practices get solutions that meet their unique needs. Firm Media helps them connect with new patients, differentiate themselves from other practices, and convert interest in their services into action.

Learn about our strategic approach in an overview of Firm Media’s search engine optimization and web design processes.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) begins with identifying the business objectives your practice is trying to achieve. This might be increasing your office’s revenue per patient or growing the number of patients you see in a new geographic area. Everything follows from this strategy (we use a similar approach in website design, video marketing, and social media marketing.)

Next, Firm Media’s experts gather information about your practice, and we combine these details with our expertise in dental marketing in Chicago. We use this knowledge to identify keyword phrases that are relevant, popular among your patients, and connected to your objectives.

Finally, we produce and optimize content to rank your website among search results for these keywords. Our process helps more of the right people to find your practice.

Website Design

As in our SEO work, Firm Media uses your business objectives as the starting point for creating your new website. We bring together best practices in design and dental marketing along with engaging content and a user-focused approach. The end result is a website where Chicago patients get the information that they need, and they take the actions your practice wants.

Our strategic design leads the visitor to this “conversion”: a new patient calling to schedule an appointment; an existing patient using a web form to learn about a new procedure; or some other action.

Firm Media will offer you reports showing the results your new website is generating. They include recommendations that will help you take advantage of new opportunities and make changes to the site where necessary.

Launch an Effective Dental Marketing Campaign

If your Chicago dental business is facing growing challenges in promoting its services, we’d like to see how we can help.

Give us a call at (855) 912-0573 to learn more about our strategic approach and how we’ve supported other practices. Also, connect with us online at Facebook and Twitter.