With traditional dental marketing, Dallas practices rely on patient referrals and media such as television, billboards, and phone book listings. However, the way in which people get information and entertainment is changing. Older methods for reaching new patients and staying connected to current ones are giving way to online promotion as a result.

Firm Media offers expertise in digital marketing for medical practices. A small, proven team with a national reach, we support dental practices and oral surgeons in developing new business and retaining patients for a lifetime of services.

Just as you approach your dental procedures with studied care, effective marketing requires a strategic plan. Firm Media differentiates itself from other marketing companies because we understand the challenges faced by professional practices and we address them with our capabilities in web, social media, and video dental marketing. Dallas clients choose us because we know it’s not about the services; it’s about the solutions.

Advantages of the Internet

Changing marketing strategies is never simple. It means rethinking the tactics that your practice has used for years to develop new patients and stay in touch with current patients. At the same time, it’s important to your business that you communicate through the channels used by your audience. In many cases, this means internet dental marketing

Dallas practices that commit to online outreach realize several benefits…

Always on. Always available. Traditional media is bounded by time and space. If you want someone to know about your dental practice, you have to give them a brochure, get them in front of a television ad, or hope they ask the right person about their dentist. Online media is available to anyone with a connected device, which gives your audience the chance to learn about your services whenever and wherever they are.

Viral reach. Patient referrals are still a powerful method of medical marketing. Dallas patients are asking for advice in a different way, however. Many put the question out to social media, and when they get recommendations, they conducting research by reviewing the provider’s website and reviews. As a result, a single recommendation can be shared and re-shared, giving dentists a much broader reach.

Continuing relationship. As with other professional practices, some patients don’t think of their dentist until they have a need, such as an upcoming checkup or an emergency dental surgery. With internet dental marketing, Dallas practices can use social media and blogs to stay connected to patients between appointments. Offering advice, general care, special services, and opportunities creates a stronger relationship with clientele and helps practices do more business.

Firm Media’s Work

Our holistic approach to dental marketing for Dallas businesses includes user-centered website designsearch engine optimization; online brand management; and video marketing services. These tactics let you connect with patients, describe your services, and separate yourself from other practices.

To learn more about how we use these capabilities to address your marketing challenges, call us at (855) 912-0573 and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.