For dental marketing, Houston dentists often rely on older methods of reaching their audience. However, the ways in which patients get their information, explore their options, and make their decisions about a provider have changed.

Now, to get the most from dental marketing, Houston practices work with professional internet firms. Firm Media—a leading provider of internet services—focuses specifically on professional practices such as dentists and oral surgeons. Because we spend our time only on projects for these types of businesses, we know the challenges that they face and the types of solutions that can lead them to success.

Digital Benefits

Practices that employ online dental marketing have distinct advantages over Houston dentists that stick to print media and traditional word-of-mouth…

Accessibility: With print advertisement, dental professionals can only hope that potential patients see their promotion. Online marketing and search engine optimization allows patients to find a dental provider when and where they have a need.
Reach: Word-of-mouth is an effective way to earn trust among potential patients. However, in today’s medical marketing, Houston patients are sharing their recommendations and opinions online. Effective social media management allows dental practices to connect with patients on a one-to-many basis.
Interactivity: Video marketing lets dental practices present their personal brand while describing their services and their points of differentiation. A professional video drives people from interest to action (i.e. contacting your office for an appointment.)

About Firm Media

Firm Media is a small, experienced group of internet marketers. We work with single-member dental practices, large oral surgery providers, and associations related to the dental industry, among others. Our process is strategy-focused, which means that we identify the practice’s long-term objectives and plan our work around accomplishing them.

Our capabilities include…

Website design. Dental professionals should consider whether their existing website has old, out-of-date content; if the design drives visitors to the right pages; whether visits are leading to conversion (such as new patient calls); and whether the site tells their story in an engaging and unique way. If the answer is “no,” Firm Media can help.

Search engine optimization. When patients begin looking for a dental provider, their first step is often to conduct an online search for related businesses. Dental marketing helps Houston practices rank well for relevant searches. Firm Media creates new, targeted content and website links to drive this process.

Social media marketing. Conversations about choosing a dental practice or an oral surgeon don’t just take place face-to-face. Firm Media develops an online presence for practices so that patients can refer their information to others. We also manage online reputations and help dental practices with internet reviews.

Video production. Firm Media offers a professional video production team to create a short, engaging, and actionable story that lives on the dental website. We also offer this video through online channels, where it can be shared and re-shared.

If you’re interested in learning more about our dental marketing in Houston, call (855) 912-0573 and connect online.