Oral surgeons and general dentists would rather focus on caring for patients than managing their practice’s dental marketing. New York dentists choose to work with professional marketers so that they can have the time they need for their patients and procedures.

Firm Media offers years of experience and expertise in internet marketing for professional practices. We specialize in dental and medical marketing; New York dentists partner with us because of our effective approach and the real business impact we provide.

Find out why we’re different… and why dental practices love our work.

Right-Sized for Clients

As a dentist, you give your patients personal time so that you understand their concerns and you can provide lasting solutions. We work in the same way.

Firm Media offers a small team experience and an individualized approach. You’ll have a chance to tell us about your practice, its points of distinction, and its challenges. We’ll ensure you’re always up-to-date on our marketing efforts and that your feedback is heard.

Strategic Dental Marketing

New York dentists have to think about their practices like a business. Some want more patients; others want greater revenue per patient or a broader reach. These objectives should be the basis for any marketing effort. Unfortunately, many internet marketing companies begin designing websites or creating social media campaigns without really understanding what you want to achieve.

Firm Media starts by getting to know your practice. Our experience in dental marketing for the New York area means that we already know some of the issues and opportunities you may have. Through these conversations, we establish your business objectives, and then we create a plan for achieving them.

Projects that Offer Value

Alone, a new website or search engine optimization isn’t going to help your practice. When Firm Media starts a project, we aim to create long-term value for your business.

Our capabilities include web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and video marketing. When we develop a new site, it’s designed to engage users and drive them towards conversion. When we perform SEO, our goal is to attract the right audience, not just to rank your content arbitrarily. Clients that work with us can expect a thoughtful and results-focused process.

Results You Can Measure

One of the common reasons that dental practices are dissatisfied with their internet marketer is that the results they get are too ambiguous or disconnected from their bottom line. We know it’s a problem, so we offer a solution.

As a Firm Media client, you will receive regular reports about our work. Depending on your objectives, we can demonstrate how we are increasing the number of patients contacting your practice; growing your online reputation; or adding to your revenue. Our reporting lets you draw a clear line from your marketing investment to its business impact.

If your New York practice could benefit from an upgrade in dental marketing, contact Firm Media. Call us at (855) 760-2783, and connect online at Facebook and Twitter.