Internet technology has changed the way practices approach dental marketing. Orange County dentists and oral surgeons used to rely on face-to-face referrals and print media for getting the word out about their services.

Now, they can use online media to offer information about their practice to anyone, anywhere, at any time. They can also use social networks to amplify their message many times over.

Firm Media helps professional practices like yours get the greatest value from these opportunities. Our small team of experts specializes in dental and medical marketing. Orange County dentists and practices throughout the country partner with us to grow their business more effectively.

Our Capabilities

Firm Media has years of experience in promoting professionals in Southern California and in managing their dental marketing. Orange County practices choose us because of the high quality of our work and because of our accountability to results.

Our capabilities include:

Search engine optimization. Firm Media helps your business’ website rank well for relevant search terms. This allows your target audience to find your services.

Website design. We combine engaging content, attractive layout, and a conversion-centered design to attract patients and drive them to action.

Social media marketing. Firm Media creates your online platforms on social networks. We help you connect with existing patients and get your message to new patients.

Video production. We work with you to develop your story. Then, Firm Media provides a production team, post-production editing, and online video distribution.

Our Approach

We think the best way to be successful in a project is to make an impact on your business objectives. It’s a perspective that separates us from other internet marketers.

We start by defining these objectives. You might want to grow the number of patients you see; develop awareness of a new procedure you offer; or attract patients from a new geographic area. Every project we do will focus on these objectives.

Another problem when working with other marketing companies is transparency. The results you receive aren’t always clear or explained to you. With Firm Media, you’ll get ongoing reporting and analysis. We will show how our projects are improving your business and recommend ways to expand your dental marketing.

Working with Firm Media

Located near Orange County, Firm Media uses a triple bottom line of profit, planet, and people. We are committed to providing clients with value for their marketing investment and a lasting impact on their dental practice. Our work takes place in an environmentally-friendly manner, and we support a number of social causes in our community.

The small size of our team means that you receive individualized support. We take the time to learn about your practice, its services, and its points of differentiation. This helps you connect with your audience and stand out from competitor.

We invite you to learn more about our values and our strategic focus in dental marketing. Orange County dentists can visit our local offices, call us at (855) 912-0573, and connect online.