Full Service Internet Marketing Strategy Goes Beyond Search Engine Optimization Services

Whether your company serves the Los Angeles area or the entire world, it’s important to choose an Internet marketing business that offers more than the typical search engine optimization firm. While search engine optimization marketing is a key aspect of search engine promotion and Internet advertising, marketing your Los Angeles business effectively on the web requires more than SEO.

With most SEO firms, you’re only getting part of the solution. But with Firm Media, our Internet marketing services go beyond basic search engine marketing to include branding strategy, social network marketingInternet video marketing and more. We do so by lavishing fastidious attention on the details, but also ensuring that they all come together to create big picture success for your company.

At Firm Media, we take a multidisciplinary approach to creating highly trafficked, conversion-friendly web presences for businesses. This culminates into three distinct areas where our team excels:


Branding, aesthetic appeal and emotional resonance are invisible to search engine spiders, but are are just as important to readers on the web as they are in traditional marketing. Our formal education in design allows us to apply the same principles that apply to highly visual, full page print ads from a magazine or billboard to your website. We pay attention to everything from typography and imagery to interactivity to make websites functional and beautiful.


Web content must be equally compelling to human readers and search engine robots. We apply SEO best practices to ensure that your websites get indexed quickly and accurately without compromising the readability of the copy or the integrity of the design. Also, because we are experienced coders and developers, we can customize and innovate designs in order to meet your vision.


For decades, the seeds of monumental business deals have been planted at galas, golf outings and other social events. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks is an extension of this blurring between personal and professional lines. And like their offline counterparts, there are certain written and unwritten rules of tact and etiquette that must be followed. We help ease you into the world of social media marketing in a way that lays the foundation for meaningful, lasting relationships with your web audiences while furthering your brand and reputation.

Firm Media is more than an SEO firm – we integrate the principles of traditional marketing into the digital era in a way that makes sense to your audience and delivers the results and accountability you want.

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