In order to get the most out of web marketing, it’s important to understand some of the unique opportunities and challenges of Internet advertising. Advertising on the web isn’t quite the same as buying ad space on a billboard or the side of a bus and gaining instant visibility in your targeted location. Getting noticed on the Internet takes a bit more strategy and a deep understanding of search engine marketingsocial networking and other key differences between print and web advertising. This is one of the principle challenges of Internet advertising. But there is also great opportunity there, as well.

Internet advertising campaigns are perfect for marketing strategists because they offer a voluminous amount of metrical data, feedback and traffic reporting. These analytics are highly valuable both to the firm in charge of running your Internet advertising campaign and you as well. That’s because they add accountability to your campaign. You can actually see which ads, which listings and which strategies are working and which are not. You can then adjust them accordingly to get the most out of our marketing dollars.

At Firm Media, we spend countless hours studying the behavior of the web and testing and tweaking effective Internet advertising strategies. By focusing on the methods that work, we achieve two important goals. First of all, we harness the dynamics of the Internet and use them to our advantage for exponential returns. The right strategy applied at the right time in the right medium can have an explosive response (i.e. “going viral”) while costing you the same amount of time and effort as a less successful campaign. Secondly, we are able to show you the Internet advertising strategies that work and explain to you how they work in terms that you understand. This saves you from the daunting – and often fruitless – task of choosing from the literally hundreds of web promotion tricks in practice today and lets you focus only on the methods that will realize demonstrable returns.

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