Online Marketing: Making Los Angeles Businesses Shine on the Internet

Marketing business and nonprofit websites online is a multidisciplinary art and science. There are many technical and creative pieces of the puzzle and at Firm Media, our specialty is putting them all together into a well-branded, conversion-friendly bigger picture. Forget about consulting with multiple contractors, coders and marketers just to get your web presence up to speed – we can do it all. That includes:

Web design – The website is the central hub of your Internet marketing campaign. That’s why we lavish an uncommon level of attention onto your website’s visual and emotional appeal with a careful focus on exactly how it will galvanize readers to answer your call to action.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – A website may look stunning to your human readership, but beauty remains in the eye of the beholder. Search engine robots look for specific cues and conventions when indexing your website, and we make sure each page looks as good to the spiders as it does to your readers.

* Directory management – We help your marketing dollars go further by actively monitoring your business listings and keeping you visible on trusted, high traffic web directories.

Social network marketing – The potential for creating meaningful, lasting connections with loyal customers and business prospects has never been greater thanks to social media. We help you extend your brand, your message and your personality into the social networking space and help you forge truly valuable connections with followers in Los Angeles and beyond.

Video production and marketing – The Internet can be a cold place. Our professionally produced videos bring warmth and personality to your online presence and adds another invaluable marketing tool to your portfolio.

There is individual value in each facet of Internet marketing. Business websites and other organizations get the most benefit, however, when these elements are seamlessly branded to work together. At Firm Media, we multiply the value of your marketing dollars by carefully crafting a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy that gives you more leads, a stronger brand and exponential returns.

Ready to learn what we can do for you with our Internet marketing business? Los Angeles companies can visit us locally at our San Bernardino office, or call us at (855) 912-0573 for more information.