Firm Media’s Full Range of Internet Marketing Services

Orange County businesses large and small have much to gain from the untapped potential of Internet promotion. At Firm Media, we specialize in helping local businesses seize upon all the opportunities available to them on the web through our wide range of Internet marketing services, including:

Web Design

Your website is the central hub of all of your Internet marketing efforts, and for many Orange County customers, it will be the determining factor that makes them pick up the phone and call you. With this in mind, we craft websites to be visually stunning, emotionally appealing and conversion-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines have replaced the yellow pages as the go-to resource for local business information. In addition to creating aesthetically pleasing websites, we also ensure that they are indexed quickly and accurately by search engine spiders so web users can find your site more easily.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the fastest, most cost effective way to reach a wide audience of past, present and prospective customers and clients. Keep in touch, get valuable feedback and reach out to new markets through a well-branded Facebook or Twitter page and our social network marketing strategies.

Directory Management

For authoritative, curated listings of reputable businesses, web users turn to online directories. We get your website listed on the directories that will bring you the most qualified traffic and significantly boost your search engine rankings.

Internet Video Marketing

Video production and marketing gives you a few different advantages on the web. Most importantly, videos add a human dimension to your online presence that no other media can replicate. But you also benefit from the enhanced visibility that search engines give multimedia content.

At Firm Media, we’re constantly testing, analyzing and perfecting the most effective web marketing strategies. These are just a few of the Internet marketing services that have been proven to work time and time again. We work closely with each client to craft a customized Internet marketing strategy that works with your goals and your budget.

Ready to learn more about Firm Media’s Internet marketing services? Orange County businesses can visit our local offices or call (855) 912-0573