Search Engine Optimization vs. Internet Marketing Strategy

Los Angeles companies looking to expand their online presence are often aware of the term search engine optimization (SEO) but aren’t quite sure how this factors into their overall Internet marketing strategy. If you’re considering hiring a search engine optimization firm, it’s important to understand what SEO means and what it can and can’t do for your business.

Essentially, SEO refers to the practice of composing both the outward facing copy and the less visible underlying code in a way that helps search engines accurately index and rank your website. The goal is for your website to rank high for popular keywords and key phrases in order to garner more search engine traffic. Appearing on the top five of a search engine results page (SERP) is akin to having a story on the front page of the newspaper rather than buried on section C-12.

As you can imagine, SEO can make or break an online marketing campaign. But it’s equally as important to realize that SEO is only a part of a robust Internet marketing strategy, albeit an integral one. A dedicated SEO specialist pays careful attention to the technical construction of your site, but gives little focus to other aspects, such as branding, functionality and conversion. These facets of promotion are just as key to a successful web marketing campaign as they are to print advertisements and traditional marketing efforts. They can’t be ignored. Keep this in mind when hiring a company to promote your website. A firm that specializes only in search engine optimization may only be giving you one piece of the puzzle.

At Firm Media, we make sure we never lose focus of the big picture. Our team is comprised of talented professionals with creative, technical and business acumen that is applicable to a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy. We can design or refine your logo and brand, integrate it into your website and social media profiles and craft your online presence to encourage meaningful connections with your customers, clients and contacts. We go beyond SEO to deliver you real results that you can see.

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