As a leader among social media companies, Los Angeles’ Firm Media helps businesses achieve online success. Our years in interactive marketing, the variety of industries we serve, and our personal commitment to clients makes us a stand-out service provider.

Through our work in social media management, Los Angeles companies are able to develop an effective online presence. Often, our clients have questions about the process and the benefits they may be able to realize with the service. We answer some of the most common questions below.

Is social media right for my business?

Typically, we hear this concern from…

  • Companies that only have an off-line relationship with customers.
  • Businesses that mostly compete on price.

Firm Media’s experience tells us that almost every business can benefit from social media management. Los Angeles companies that do most of their selling in person often find ways to translate their brand to Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. They can use these platforms to connect with customers, and they can encourage customers to offer online referrals to other people.

Also, social media offers an opportunity to educate potential customers about important factors other than price, such as reliability, quality, and consistency. Facebook and Twitter are less about selling than they are about developing relationships. By sharing the right content with potential customers, businesses can reframe the purchase decision to include more than price.

How do I determine if social media companies are helping me have an impact?

Successful Los Angeles businesses trace the return on their marketing investment. Firm Media helps companies to see the value in their social media with systems that mark their goals, track the impact of our work, and report on the achievements that we have made.

We also look for opportunities to optimize each social media campaign. If a business’ Facebook Page is getting few views but a lot of clicks, we explore ways to drive sharing and “likes.” If the page is getting a lot of views but fewer clicks than anticipated, we identify new opportunities for driving that engagement. Clients should expect this level of support from their provider.

What is my business supposed to share through social media?

Clients that turn to Firm Media are sometimes overwhelmed by the idea that they will sharing so much information about their company.

Fortunately, it’s usually easier than the client thinks. Businesses can take advantage of content they are already creating or information that is currently available to them. Community involvement, employee accomplishments, and milestones are all opportunities for sharing through social media.

There is also the huge amount of great content online. Businesses can re-share this content and credit the original author. A side benefit to this process: the content’s author may decide to promote the company to his or her own followers.

We know you may have more questions about social media for business. Los Angeles companies can learn more by visiting our local offices or calling us at (855) 912-0573.