As a healthcare provider, you want to focus on providing the highest quality services. At the same time, you know it’s important to use effective medical marketing. Austin doctors who want to accomplish both of these goals turn to Firm Media.

Firm Media is a small team of experienced professionals that helps companies achieve their business goals online. We are unique in that our focus is medical and dental marketing. Austin professional practices choose to work with us because we understand the unique challenges that they face in getting new patients, staying connected to their current patients, increasing their revenue, and managing their internet identity.

Through Firm Media’s medical marketing, Austin physicians can augment their traditional outreach, such as word-of-mouth and brochures, with their internet equivalent. Going online with your message means that you can reach your audience where they are already going to find services, get content, and reach out to providers.

About Our Approach

Strategy is at the center of everything that we do in medical marketing. When Austin businesses come to Firm Media, our first step is to understand their needs. Unfortunately, many other marketers take a different tact. They apply their services, point to superficial gains in internet traffic or the creation of a new website, and consider the job complete.

Our focus on strategy means that we help your medical practice achieve its most important objectives. For some doctors, this means increasing the number of patients they see. For Dallas surgeons, medical marketing may focus on growing the dollar-per-patient ratio. It may sound obvious, but we think that marketing tactics should accomplish something lasting and bottom-line oriented.

Firm Media backs this approach with analysis and reports for our clients. We demonstrate how our efforts are succeeding on their behalf, and we change course when tactics aren’t producing the right results. We think it’s critical that medical clients are involved throughout the engagement; our expertise in the healthcare field combined with your knowledge of your practice helps us to achieve these objectives and stay focused on your needs.

Firm Media can help your medical practice with a variety of solutions:

  • Website design: Our team creates and revamps your home. Medical marketing designs from Firm Media qualify Austin patients and drive them to your practice.
  • Search engine optimization: Our work lets patients find your practice more easily. Keyword-focused content, website architecture, and ongoing analysis drive higher rankings in Google and Bing.
  • Social media marketing: Firm Media monitors your online reputation, creates an engaging platform in the networks your patients use, and helps you connect with your audience.
  • Video marketing: Firm Media’s professional video team films and produces a brief promotional piece for online distribution. We tell your story, explain your practice’s points of distinction, and put your personal brand on display.

If you are ready to extend the reach of your medical marketing in Austin, call us at (855) 912-0573 and connect online.