As a healthcare provider, your success depends on using best practices; making accurate diagnoses; providing effective recommendations; and keeping the trust of the people you serve. The same is true for Firm Media and our medical marketing services.

Orange County-based, Firm Media’s clients include San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles practices. We focus on internet marketing for professionals and we have provided years of successful results to general practitioners, surgeons, and specialists.

Understanding the medical industry matters. From a technical aspect, it means that we know more about the procedures and techniques you use and what separates the services of one medical practice from another. It also means that we know what drives new patients to select a practice and what leads existing patients to consider new services.

Distinguishing Your Work

Strategy is at the core of Firm Media’s medical marketing. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego practices meet with us to discuss the long-term objectives that they have for their business, and these objectives drive the decisions we make.

One of the most common challenges that medical practices have is separating the services that they provide from other doctors and surgeons in their area. Many providers talk about excellence in care and a high quality of patient service, but platitudes aren’t likely to generate business.

Firm Media excels at identifying the points of differentiation your practice offers and incorporating them into our medical marketing. Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco clients often point to our process as one of the best experiences they have had in analyzing their own services.

Reaching New Patients

A common objective in medical marketing for Orange County and California practices is to grow their base of patients. Firm Media offers a variety of capabilities to achieve this end.

Our search engine optimization raises the visibility of your medical practice so that potential patients find you when they are reviewing providers.
Firm Media’s website design educates potential patients about your work and drives them to action.
Our video production team produces a polished, succinct story for distribution on your website and through other online channels.

Staying Connected with Existing Patients

It’s important to build platforms where your audience goes to get news and information. That’s why Firm Media also provides social media medical marketing. San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles practices choose this option as a way of maintaining relationships with current patients as well as developing new patients.

We create your accounts in relevant networks. Then, we work with your office to produce content that will represent your practice in an informative and engaging way. We take steps to amplify your message through the sharing of posts and content, and we protect your brand online by monitoring and respond to reviews.

Getting Started

Whatever goals your practice has, we’d love a chance to talk about your medical marketing. Located in Orange County/Los Angeles? Stop by our offices, call us at (855)912-0573, or connect online.