Without effective medical marketing, Chicago practices may experience a range of problems.

Your message may reach fewer patients. You may lose potential patients to competing medical practices. Or, you may not connect with people when they are in the process of choosing a provider.

Whichever of these issues your practice faces, Firm Media can help. We provide professional practices with digital marketing that makes an impact.

Firm Media specializes in medical and dental marketing. Chicago doctors and healthcare practices throughout the United States partner with us for strategies that address their business objectives.

Our clients include general practitioners, specialists, surgeons, and businesses and associations that support the medical industry. With our years of work in medical marketing, Chicago practices receive solutions that are a fit for their unique needs. Firm Media helps doctors reach new patients, differentiate themselves from other providers, and develop a reputation of expertise among colleagues.

Get more details in an overview of our search engine optimization and web design processes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With SEO, as with any Firm Media project, we begin with strategy. Our team identifies the business objectives that your practice is trying to achieve, whether it is increasing your office’s revenue per patient or encouraging more patients to use a new service you are offering.

SEO is particularly effective in targeting audiences at the moment they are researching providers for services. Firm Media’s experts gather information from you about your work and your practice, and we combine these details with our knowledge of medical marketing in Chicago. This helps us identify the keyword phrases that are most relevant to the audience.

Then, we create and optimize content based on these keywords to rank your website among search results. More people find your practice, and more of the people who contact your offices will be good candidates for your services.

Website Design

Firm Media uses your business objectives as a starting point for producing your new website. Then, we employ best practices in design and medical marketing, interactive features, and engaging content. The result is an online platform that serves your Chicago patients’ needs as well as your business objectives.

Our strategic design work centers on leading the visitor to “convert,” or to take a specific action that contributes to these objectives. A “conversion” might mean a new patient calling to schedule an appointment or an existing patient using a web form to request information about one of your procedures.

Whichever objective design addresses, Firm Media will provide you with performance reports showing the results. Our reports include analysis and recommendations, demonstrate how our work is impacting your business, and help you take advantage of new opportunities.

Getting Started with Strategic Medical Marketing

If your Chicago medical practice is facing challenges in promoting its services, give us a call or connect online. We’d like to talk with you about how Firm Media can help. Contact us at (855) 912-0573.