With Firm Media’s work in medical marketing, Houston physicians can more effectively connect with new patients, grow practice revenue, and achieve other business objectives.

Firm Media is an internet marketing company focused on medical and dental marketing. Houston professionals rely on us for strategic web designsearch engine optimizationsocial media management, and video production. Learn more about our work below.

Our Clients

The companies we serve are varied in size and need. With medical marketing, Houston clients range from single-member practices to large surgical teams. We have experience in a range of medical areas, including general medicine, plastic and cosmetic surgery, bariatric procedures, and mental health and addiction.

Firm Media’s specialization means that we have extensive knowledge and experience helping doctors succeed. We manage your promotion so that you can focus on providing the best healthcare possible.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be uninvolved, however. Firm Media partners with clients at every stage to ensure that our marketing is in your voice, that our content meets your expectations, and that our strategy fits your needs.


Firm Media uses a straightforward but sophisticated approach to medical marketing. We start by talking with Houston clients about the long-ranging objectives they want to achieve. For some medical practices, the aim is to increase the number of new patients who schedule initial consultations. For other practices, marketing is a way of growing revenue among existing patients. Whatever the aim, we can identify the right strategy.

Once we know what the objectives are, we recommend tactics to accomplish them. We integrate a combination of web design, SEO, social media, and video marketing into your traditional marketing efforts. For example, recommendations from patients in the real world can find a place online through social media outreach. The difference is that Firm Media amplifies these recommendations so that, when a current patient refers your services, their entire network knows what your practice offers.

Our Values

Service: We work as a small team of experts because we believe that medical marketing clients deserve personalized attention. Houston practices that work with us never feel that they are “just another client.”

Strategy: Firm Media’s marketing efforts take the long view. Some other internet marketing companies focus on measurements like traffic, ranking, and shares. These are important benchmarks, but they only matter if they impact your business objectives. For example, if more visitors to your website aren’t creating more revenue for your medical practice, you may need a different approach.

Society: Beyond the high-quality of our work and our strategic and focused approach, we employ a triple bottom line of business. This means that we support many different charitable causes, including our own annual event, Eat and Be Well, which helps thousands in need with essential social services. Our approach fits with the committed work of physicians, who care for the health of people every day.

To learn more about our medical marketing in Houston, call Firm Media at (855) 912-0573 and connect online.