Your practice offers the latest in technology, proven healthcare protocols, and advanced medical techniques. It’s important to provide the same level of sophistication in your medical marketing.

Los Angeles medical practitioners turn to Firm Media for professional internet marketing. We are a leading local expert, focusing specifically on medical and dental marketing. Los Angeles practices rely on our company to transition traditional marketing tactics into a complete online strategy.

Just like keeping pace with the latest in healthcare, it’s important to recognize how old methods of connecting with patients are being transformed by online platforms. The way in which your audience is seeking out services is changing, and even doctor referrals are moving from face-to-face to social media and internet reviews.

Below, learn more about how your practice may be affected by new methods of medical marketing.

Los Angeles Doctors and the Digital Divide

Previously, you may have built your practice with a combination of patient referrals and active marketing efforts. Traditional media, such as the phone book, outdoor signage, and television advertisements, may have been your practice’s way of connecting with your audience.

However, media consumption has changed, and so has medical marketing…

Search: A Los Angeles patient doesn’t go to the phone book to find doctors in his area. Instead, he most likely turns to Bing or Yahoo! internet searches to identify local providers.

Discovery: Outdoor signage is useful for potential patients who might pass by your location, but it is far too late for reaching the patient in the decision moment, when he is already reviewing businesses on a Google Map or checking his mobile phone for providers in the area.

Branding: Television ads still make an impact on your audience. However, more and more people are turning to other platforms for getting their news and entertainment. They’re also using new technologies, such as DVR, to bypass ads and skip directly to their shows.

Referrals: While a potential patient will still ask others in his social network about doctors, the request will often go out via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. When patients get a response, their first step may be to visit the practitioner’s website. Doctors that have an effective online presence are in better position to take advantage of this traffic.

Firm Media and Professional Practices

Firm Media positions your business to address each of these changes. We create engaging and professional websites to define your services and points of distinction. We help your practice be found online through the process of search engine optimization. We encourage the sharing of your services through social media, and we protect your reputation with brand management and review monitoring services.

Our company has years of experience serving general practitioners, specialists, and surgeons throughout the United States. We invite you to learn more about our work in medical marketing. Visit our Los Angeles-area offices, call us at (855) 681-3292, or connect with us online.