Doctors and surgeons would prefer to focus on caring for their patients instead of managing their medical marketing. New York healthcare providers work with professional marketers so that they can use their limited time giving patients the attention they require.

However, the medical industry is different from other types of services; you don’t want a marketing company that treats your practice the same way it would a retail store or a restaurant.

That’s part of the reason doctors and surgeons choose to work with Firm Media. We provide internet marketing built around professional practices, and we have years of experience in medical and dental marketing

New York healthcare providers often come to us after working with another marketing company because we provide the results and the business impact they want. Learn more below about why we’re different… and why clients love our work.

Strategic Medical Marketing

New York doctors and surgeons have specific objectives. They may greater per-patient revenue or patients from new service locations. Unfortunately, many internet marketing companies jump right into designing websites or social media campaigns without understanding what they are trying to achieve.

Firm Media begins by learning about your work. Our experience in medical marketing for New York means that we already know many of the issues you face and the opportunities available to you.

With these conversations, we determine your business objectives. Then, we create a strategy for succeeding with them.

Right-Sized for Clients

As a doctor, you aim to provide the most personal attention possible for your patients. We work the same way.

Firm Media offers a smaller team and a more individualized approach than other marketing companies. This gives us more time to learn about you and your practice. A smaller team also means a streamlined approach to your project, since everyone supporting you knows how their work connects together.

Actionable Results

Just having a new website or a new video promoting your practice isn’t going to help your business. Every marketing effort should be targeted to your objectives.

Firm Media offers web designsearch engine optimizationsocial media marketing, and video marketing. When we create a new site, it’s designed to engage users and drive them towards conversion. When we perform SEO, our goal is to attract the right audience, not just to rank your content arbitrarily. Each tactic leads to long-term value for your practice.

Measurable Impact

As a client, you will get regular reports on the results Firm Media has achieved.

We’ll show how our work is:

Increasing the size of your audience.
Supporting your online reputation.
Growing your revenue.
Together, we’ll review these reports to find new opportunities for promoting your practice.

Start Your Upgrade

If your New York medical practice could benefit from more effective marketing, give us a call. We’ll talk about the challenges you’re facing and the ways in which we can help. Contact us at (855) 912-0573, and connect with us online at Facebook and Twitter