Firm Media provides the medical marketing San Francisco doctors and surgeons need to promote their services, attract more patients, and achieve their long-term business objectives.

Your medical practice may currently use traditional media like direct mail and billboards. Or, you might already rely on interactive marketing. In either case, Firm Media offers you a different type of experience.

Our company’s focus is online medical and dental marketing. San Francisco doctors and surgeons choose us in part because of our specialization. We have experience providing solutions to challenges that healthcare providers commonly face, and we understand the competitive landscape in which California doctors operate.

Learn more about how Firm Media distinguishes itself and about the values that drive us.

We Engage Our Clients in the Project

With medical marketing, San Francisco practices have to separate themselves from the other providers. It’s essential that your marketing team knows your practice and what makes you different.

That’s why Firm Media is purposefully small. Our collaborative approach gives us a chance to learn about your practice, procedures, and patients. We use this information—and our years of experience in medical marketing—to help you stand out among San Francisco practices.

During your engagement with Firm Media, you can expect to be involved in many ways. You’ll:

  • Contribute feedback on our work.
  • Offer suggestions about new locations, procedures, or audiences to target.
  • Get ongoing recommendations based on the results we’ve achieved.

Your involvement gives you more control over the results and a better overall experience.

We Base Our Strategy on Your Objectives

Firm Media’s capabilities include:

Every project starts with defining your medical practice’s business objectives. They might include increasing the number of patients you see or developing more patients for a new procedure you are offering. Whatever you want to accomplish, we’ll create a strategy for achieving it, and all our tactics will focus on these objectives.

Our Triple Bottom Line

California clients often look beyond the financial aspects of their work to their impact on the community beyond. Firm Media also has a broad definition of success, which we measure in three ways.

Profit means providing financial accountability and lasting results to the medical practices we serve. An increase in your website traffic only matters to us if it will help your practice be more successful.

People in Southern California receive much-needed help through the charitable causes Firm Media supports. This includes our annual Eat and Be Well event, which helps hundreds of Californians get important social services.

Planet means that we conduct an environmentally-conscious practice. For example, we provide in-house recycling programs and make efforts to offset our carbon footprint.

Contact Firm Media

Now that you know about our approach and values, we invite you to get in touch. We’ll talk about your San Francisco practice, our experience in medical marketing, and solutions to the challenges you face. Call us at (855) 912-0573, and connect online.