With medical marketing, doctors aim to grow the number of patients they see and to promote new services to existing patients. They face a lot of challenges along the way, however. That’s where we come in.

As a small team of experts in digital marketing, Firm Media focuses on professional practices. Our clients appreciate the experience we bring to their industry because we understand their services, the way they work with patients, and the competitive environment in which they are trying to promote their practice.

Below, learn about some of the challenges our clients have faced in medical marketing.

Obstacles to Overcome

Whether you are a general practitioner, surgeon, or specialist, your practice requires some form of promotion. In the past, you may have found success with patient referrals and traditional media such as billboards or print advertisements.

However, several changes in the way people find information have made these traditional outlets less effective for some practices…

Online content: More and more of the patients you are targeting get their information online. By the time they have contacted your offices, they have already been through the biggest part of their decision cycle: discovery, investigation, and comparison. How many other patients are you missing with your outreach?

Competition: Many healthcare providers are upgrading their medical marketing. In major cities like Denver, New York, and Chicago, there are more practices investing in promotion, which makes it harder for your services to stand out.

Expectations: Even when patients know about your work, they may choose another provider based on your online presence. For example, if you have an out-of-date website, visitors may believe that your medical practice is out of step with the latest technology. Another issue is negative online reviews. These may turn a patient away from your practice if they aren’t addressed properly.

Firm Media’s Approach to Medical Marketing

We support doctors and surgeons throughout the United States with solutions that are strategic, personalized, and accountable. Firm Media plans your marketing based around the objectives you want to achieve as a business (for example, ensuring that more visitors to your website leads to more patients in your office.)

Our capabilities include website designsearch engine optimizationsocial media marketing, and video marketing. We identify which approaches are best, and we tailor the content and message to reflect your services. Firm Media is particularly effective at differentiating your work from that of your competitors.

As a client, you’ll receive ongoing reports and recommendations for your medical marketing. This lets Chicago, New York, and Denver clients see how their investment is paying off.

Getting Started

Firm Media would like to talk with you about the challenges you face in your medical marketing and the solutions we can provide. Call us at (855)912-0573, and connect with us online at Facebook and Twitter.