As a healthcare provider, part of your work is promoting your practice through medical marketing. Houston and Dallas offer a lot of competition for medical and surgical procedures, and so professional practices like yours face big challenges in reaching new audiences.

Firm Media supports professional providers in this work. We are an internet marketing company focused on dental and medical marketing. Dallas and Houston practices choose us to manage their promotion so that they can focus on what matters most: providing excellent care for their patients.

Firm Media distinguishes itself with effective marketing tailored to its clients. Below, we discuss some of the differences between our approach and how other companies work.

When to Rethink Your Digital Marketing Provider

Your practice may already be working with a company for its medical marketing. Unfortunately, Dallas and Houston practices often have to work with more than one partner before finding the right fit for their needs, however. When clients come to us from another marketing company, it’s often because they are dissatisfied with the experience they have had or with the results they received.

Other internet marketing companies may not work out because they don’t…

…Distinguish between industries. Healthcare services are completely different from other industries. However, some providers treat medical clients the same way as they do every other type of business. They don’t have knowledge of your procedures, the concerns your patients have, and other important aspects of medical marketing. Houston and Dallas physicians need a company with the right background.

…Tailor their work to the client. To compete for patients, your practice has to distinguish itself from other providers. Some marketing companies use similar content for every client they serve. If your practice is going to stand out, you need messaging that expresses your story and points of differentiation.

…Make a real impact. One of the biggest issues in online medical marketing for Houston and Dallas practices is when their marketing provider focuses on the wrong goals. The marketer points to an increase in web traffic or search result rankings as success. Meanwhile, your practice has seen no growth in clients or revenue.

…Measure their results. Some internet marketers think of themselves as service providers rather than solutions providers. When a company helps you complete a website or handles your social media marketing, it should track the analytics that matter, identify areas of concern or opportunity, and offer recommendations.

About Firm Media

Our company uses a different approach to medical marketing. Houston and Dallas practices choose us because we specialize in promoting professional services and because we understand the medical industry.

Work with us, and we’ll identify your business objectives; focus our tactics on accomplishing them; and demonstrate the results of our work in reports and analysis. It’s a straightforward and effective approach to a complex set of challenges. We invite you to get in touch to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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