Internet Marketing: Online Website Marketing, Search Engine Promotion, Social Network Marketing and Beyond

There’s no way that John Donne was talking about Internet marketing strategy when he said “no man is an island” in the 17th century, but the same holds true for successful businesses in 21st century Orange County. Internet advertising, marketing and promotion have grown up since the days when it was sufficient to have a simple, one page website. Today, that standalone website is a nearly imperceptible speck in an ocean of digital noise.

At Firm Media, our goal is to expand your footprint on the Internet in a meaningful way. Our wide range of Internet marketing services helps transform your online presence from a metaphorical Tuvalu (where’s that?) into a veritable Hawaii. In other words, we’ll not only help put you on the map, we’ll make you a destination.

Like Hawaii, your web presence is an archipelago of intrinsically linked territories. First, we help you claim these territories, which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and numerous business and professional directories. Next, we help unify them under your brand so that they all work towards filtering traffic, leads and business back to your website.

Getting this to happen takes a concerted – yet multidisciplinary – effort that encompasses numerous different strategies specifically tailored for the medium and the message. This is why you need a group of professionals that is more than just a search engine optimization firm. You need someone who’s not only going to employ the best practices for search engine optimization marketing, but also take it to the next level with conversion-friendly web design, effective and trackable social network marketing campaigns and a rigorous website marketing strategy.

We bring all of this and more to the table at Firm Media. We partner with our clients to realize their goals through tried and true traditional marketing fundamentals as well as cutting edge strategies, such as Internet video marketing. All of this comes together to bring you real results that you can see.

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