Choosing an Ethical Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Firm

Los Angeles is known for it’s traffic, making it a fitting location for a search engine optimization firm. Of course, automotive traffic on an LA freeway and web traffic aren’t exactly alike, but there is one important parallel: if you don’t obey the rules, you’ll get penalized. You may not get caught right away, but eventually, someone’s going to notice.

For some fly-by night Internet businesses, this isn’t an issue. They employ unethical SEO tactics (also known as “black hat SEO”) that attempt to trick the search engine robots into giving them an artificially higher rank. These quick and dirty methods are the equivalent of passing on the shoulder or running red lights – they may get you there faster but at a considerable risk. Sooner or later, search engines catch on and demote your search engine listing or even remove you from the results altogether. Spammers and scammers don’t mind this, since by then they’ve already achieved what they set out to do by then and they are off to the next grift.

But for reputable businesses looking to establish a well-branded, prominent web presence, there’s a much better way. At Firm Media, we call this better way “strategy.” We achieve real results for Los Angeles businesses by applying the fundamentals of traditional marketing alongside the evolutionary elements of web promotion. The websites, social media campaigns and multimedia we design are compelling on both a technical level and a personal level. We’ll still make sure that your website gets indexed quickly and ranks high for valuable key phrases, but we’ll also be fostering real, organic growth that promotes your brand, drives qualified traffic to your website and let’s you connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

The work of an ethical search optimization firm is more intensive, more methodical and more time-consuming, but in the end, your marketing dollars become an investment. We help you get the most value out of your online assets – from your authoritative website to your highly subscribed Twitter and Facebook pages – so you can enjoy the lasting benefits of an effective online presence.

Want to learn more about our search engine optimization firm? Los Angeles businesses can make a local call to (855) 912-0573.