Does Your Business Need a Search Engine Optimization Firm?

Orange County businesses and other local companies build their success on reputation, visibility and word of mouth endorsements. Because of this, it almost seems counterintuitive to invest marketing dollars towards making your business more visible on the Internet, a medium with an inherently wide geographic reach. But it may surprise you to learn how much local businesses stand to gain from a search engine optimization firm.

Orange County consumers are some of the savviest in the nation, and even after receiving a favorable recommendation from a friend or colleague, most people will turn to the Internet to find out more information. However, many established, reputable businesses won’t show up in the top rankings even if you search for their exact name. We’ve seen businesses get outranked by similarly named organizations in other parts of the country or worse, their competitors right here in Orange County.

When this happens, we call it a “leak” in word of mouth marketing and it translates directly into missed opportunity. A well-executed local search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can help patch these holes. Plus, it’ll help web users find your website when they aren’t specifically searching for your business.

At Firm Media, we’ve helped many Orange County companies reclaim their web presence and garner more traffic, leads and conversions both on a local and national scale. Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are an integral part of our full service Internet marketing offerings. We not only help your website rank higher in the search engine results pages, we’ll also ensure that your website presents valuable, actionable content for your users and becomes a hub for new and continuing business.

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