What is Search Engine Optimization Marketing?

Los Angeles companies who have built up much of their local reputation through offline and traditional marketing can continue to grow their business through search engine optimization marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) in its most basic terms is simply the practices involved in ensuring that web users can easily find your website. Search Engine Optimization Marketing can work hand-in-hand with traditional marketing campaigns to gain more leads and turn existing leads into hot leads.

SEO is important even to businesses who have been successful for decades without so much as a website. That’s because customers are changing the way they research and reference local businesses. Whether they want to learn more about your business, find out your business hours or get directions to your storefront, today’s consumers are much more likely to punch your business name into Google, Yahoo! or Bing than reach for a clunky phonebook. This is especially true for smartphone users on the go, looking for a good place to eat, get a haircut or buy a pair of shoes nearby.

Whether web users are searching for “best frozen yogurt in Los Angeles” or running your business name as a search engine query, it’s in your best interest to be one of the top listings. Believe it or not, you can even get outranked for the name of your company if you don’t have an effective search engine optimization marketing strategy.

At Firm Media, we believe that achieving a high search engine ranking doesn’t have to mean converting your website copy into a bunch of robotic gibberish or rebranding your business as an Internet company. We’d like to prove it to you by making your established local business even more successful business through SEO without compromising the values or branding that your company was founded on.

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