Search Engine Optimization Marketing, Orange County Customers and Your Business

Everyday, the editors of The Orange County Register decide which stories to put on the front page. How do they decide? Simple – they choose the stories and headlines that are most important to Orange County residents.

That’s basically the same criteria that gets websites on the first page of search engine results listings. But who are the “editors” of Google, Yahoo and Bing? And how do you get on their good side?

As you’re likely aware, the entities behind the search engine rankings aren’t people at all – they are sophisticated automated computer programs known as “spiders.” And search engine marketing firms, such as Firm Media, have been studying what makes them tick for years.

The owners and operators of search engines won’t disclose exactly which algorithms they use to rank the thousands upon thousands of pages that are added to the Internet everyday (these, for obvious reasons, are trade secrets). But they have given webmasters guidance on search engine best practices that help make their jobs easier and our sites rank higher. These clues, combined with years of rigorous testing, analyzing and refining have given us a pretty good idea of how to get your website the ranking it deserves.

The practice of applying these principles to the construction of a website is known as search engine optimization (SEO). But what we do at Firm Media goes even further. That’s because we want to make sure your web content is compelling not just to search engine robots, but to real live people, too.

We spend a great deal of time both on the technical construction of your website as well as the aesthetic design and the emotional and visual appeal. We don’t lose sight of the important aspects of traditional marketing campaigns, such as branding, conversion and accountability. After all, we do want to make you a “front page” Orange County business – but we also want to give customers the value, professional look and feel and high quality experience they expect.

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