Recognizing Value in Search Engine Optimization

San Bernardino businesses who have enjoyed decades of success without paying much attention to their web presence may find it hard to recognize value in search engine optimization (SEO). But at Firm Media, we’ve been helping local businesses not only realize significant returns from Internet marketing, but also to help them understand exactly how SEO benefits them in salient, quantifiable terms.

Why SEO Matters to San Bernardino Businesses

Studies show that more and more users are turning to the Internet to find information about local businesses. This is true even if you’re a local legend. For example, Pancho Villa’s Mexican Grill and Entertainment is well known throughout San Bernardino. If you haven’t been to Pancho Villa’s, you’ve undoubtedly heard of its lively, authentic atmosphere. Pancho Villa’s received an immense amount of word of mouth buzz everyday because of this. But when people plugged the restaurant’s name into Google, they’d get all sorts of unrelated results, including a restaurant in a completely different zip code.

By creating a search engine optimized website and launching an aggressive search engine marketing campaign, we were able to patch this “leak” in word of mouth advertising and reclaim the traffic that Pancho Villa’s deserved, but wasn’t receiving due to an underdeveloped web presence.

These potential customers – the ones who are already interested in what you have to offer and have taken the next step towards learning more – are some of your most valuable leads. And if they can’t find you on the Internet because you are outranked by irrelevant websites – or worse, your competitors – then you’re missing a significant opportunity.

Delivering Real Results

SEO techniques are notoriously a bit mysterious, mostly due to the heavy technical aspect. That’s why we take time to analyze and parse out the data so we can show you the month-to-month traffic reports, show you the conversion rates and show you exactly how our Internet marketing strategies are paying off for you. Our analytical approach also helps us identify areas which are not performing as strongly as others and let’s us redistribute our resources towards the ones that are. In the end, you’ll understand a little bit more about search engine optimization and have a firm grasp on what you’re getting from the relationship.

Want to learn more about search engine optimization? San Bernardino residents can visit our local offices or give us a call at (855) 912-0573.