Why Do Local Los Angeles Businesses Need Search Engine Optimization Services?

As a homegrown, local business that primarily serves customers in the Los Angeles area, it might be hard to understand how you might benefit from search engine optimization services. But before you pass on a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign, ask yourself the following:

How do customers learn about your company?

Whether a prospective client heard about your business through a billboard, a TV commercial or a recommendation from their Aunt Mildred, chances are they’ll follow up on their curiosity with an Internet search. Studies show that more consumers head online for local business information even when compared to those who use a print yellow pages or white pages. Why? It’s simpler, it’s faster and you can potentially get more information than you ever would from a phonebook. Search engine optimization services for local businesses helps ensure that your prospective customers get the information that you want them to get, including positive reviews, testimonials and special offers.

How do you keep in touch with past, current and prospective customers?

That old refrigerator magnet with your logo and phone number isn’t cutting it anymore. A highly visible, regularly updated website helps keep customers on top of big events, such as a change of address or phone number, promotions and expansions. This is especially true when your website is integrated with social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. But if they can’t find your website, they can’t stay connected. That’s where search engine optimization services can help.

What are your competitors doing?

This is an important one. It may surprise you to discover just how many of your competitors are outranking you in the search engines and eating away at your market share because of it. You may have an unbeatable offer and unmatched experience and expertise, but customers won’t know that until they speak with you directly. But if the firm down the road has a more professional, more prominent web presence, they’ll get the call or click and you won’t. SEO ensures that you get an opportunity to make your case.

At Firm Media, we believe that search engine optimization services delivered as a part of a robust Internet marketing campaign can bring local Los Angeles companies more business. Give us a call and we’ll prove it.

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