Local Search Engine Promotion: Orange County Businesses on the Internet

When businesses bring their ideas, products and philosophies online, they actually have two audiences to market to: potential customers and search engines. This concept may seem a bit strange, especially to local businesses who have been successful for years without considering search engine promotion. Why would you need to sell yourself to a search engine robot? Shouldn’t you be focusing your efforts on connecting with people?

In truth, getting your message across to search engines and web users are of equal of importance. That’s because the search engine is the gatekeeper of virtually all the information on the web, much in the same way a phonebook used to be the definitive reference for businesses and residences.

Basically, when someone enters a term such as “liposuction Orange County” into Google, they are asking a question: “How do I find a plastic surgeon in my area?” Not only that, it’s also implied that they want to find the best plastic surgeon in Orange County.

How Do Search Engines Come Up With The Right Answers?

They do so by methodically crawling the web and analyzing every piece of information they find. At each website, the search engine’s primary goal is to figure out two things: “What is this website about?” and “Do people hold this website in high regard?”

This is where website promotion comes into play. There’s no denying that the search engine algorithms are phenomenal sophisticated. But search engine spiders still read websites differently than humans do. So, in order for Google or Bing or Yahoo! to understand what your site is about (i.e. relevance), you have to craft it in a way that is easy for them to understand. This is called search engine optimization (SEO).

But more important than relevance is how trusted your site is in the Internet community (i.e. authority). Search engines measure authority mostly by counting the quantity and the quality of the links pointing towards your site. And the best way to get links is by delivering high quality, professional and useful content that people appreciate and in turn, wish to share the Orange County community.

As a business with an online presence, it’s your duty to make a favorable impression on both your human readership and the search engine robots. Not sure how to do that? That’s where Firm Media can help.

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