When Considering Social Media Companies, Orange County Businesses Sometimes Want to Know: Should We Even Be Online?

Even as they begin exploring a relationship with social media companies, Orange County businesses may be hesitant about creating an online identity at Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. There are a few common reservations a company might have…

My business and my customers are in the real-world.” When the relationships you have with customers are only face-to-face, you may think that social media isn’t a fit.

My customers don’t care about anything but cost.” A business that is in a heavily-competitive industry may assume that social media won’t change what matters most to its customers: the prices.

We don’t have anything to say on social media.” When they are meeting with social media companies, Orange County businesses are sometimes overwhelmed with the amount of “sharing” that is involved in maintaining an online presence. They are concerned that they won’t have enough to post.

In short, companies may be unsure how to translate their brand online. However, when Firm Media handles their social media management, Orange County clients are often surprised at the opportunities that are available. Here are a few of the ways we address concerns like those above.

Recognize that customers—or the people who influence them—are on social media even if your business is not.

There are ways to extend relationships with customers even when they are not in your building. Providing information related to your work engages them and keeps them coming back for more.

Some companies might balk: “If we’re a B2B business, how can we reach customers through social media?” Don’t forget the influencers at these companies you target. Marketing directors, purchasing agents, and others may want to connect online to see what your business has to say. Represent yourself well, and you might earn their interest… along with new customers.

When cost is all that matters in an industry, you have to differentiate yourself.

Competing on price is difficult. Likely, your business already tries to stand out by advertising other factors, such as your service or reliability.

Social media offers a particularly powerful way of promoting these other factors because social media interactions aren’t only about making the sale. They are about helping your audience get to know your business. The relationships you build online will help you differentiate your brand.

You have more to say than you think.

Firm Media helps your business identify traits that matter to your audience and that can help you compete. Knowing these traits makes it much easier to share content on social media.

If your audience cares about personal service, help them learn more about your employees. If the audience buys based on environmental concerns, post content about the work you are doing to help the planet. Sharing relevant, effective content is all about knowing yourself as a business.

If you are considering social media companies for your Orange County business, get in touch with Firm Media. Visit our local offices, call us at (855) 912-0573, and connect online.