Finding Hidden Value with Social Media for Business: Los Angeles County’s Firm Media Discusses How It Reframes the Customer’s Buying Decision

Firm Media is an interactive marketing and web design company. With our “Social Media for Business,” Los Angeles companies can add new dimensions to their brand, create a voice for their organization, and improve their ability to sell.

The One-Dimensional Trap

Imagine that your company sells paper. You get a call from a potential customer, but instead of asking you about your service or quality, all he or she wants to know is whether your price is the lowest. If the answer is, “No,” that’s the end of the conversation.

This is a common concern among clients. They worry that they can’t compete on the limited factors that matter to their customers. When price is all that is important, it forces a company to reduce margins or lose business. It also ignores all of the other great qualities that a company may offer.

Firm Media helps change this framework with social media for business. Los Angeles companies work with us to learn how they can attract sales and keep their current customers without being focused on a single dimension.

Your Hidden Value

Consider your own company. Beyond price, there are likely a lot of qualities that you feel distinguish your business from what your competitors are doing…

Maybe you offer outstanding customer service. You have staff available at all hours who are friendly, informed, and willing to go above and beyond for the people you serve.

It could be that your product or service is of higher quality. It’s worth paying more for what you offer to customers.

Alternatively, your speed in delivery may make you more competitive than other businesses. Your products get to your customers faster and help them sell more quickly.

It is important that customers value the qualities you offer. When handled properly, social media lets you reframe what is important and gives new dimensions to your brand. Firm Media helps companies do this in a few ways.

Our Work

The social media platforms we choose for our clients let them connect with customers in a more personal way. It gives them a place online where they can promote all of their qualities rather than focusing on a single dimension, such as price.

  • First, we learn as much as we can about the company and the qualities on which it can compete.
  • Then, we gather information about the company’s customers and develop ways to reframe their purchase decision.
  • Firm Media identifies the social media sites where it can best connect with this audience.
  • Finally, we create content that helps people see the company in a new way.

When choosing social media companies, Los Angeles businesses should pick a provider that knows how to change the game for its products and services. Learn more about what we can do for you.

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