Social Media for Business: San Bernardino Companies Rely on Firm Media to Develop Their Presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Beyond

Social networks can no longer rightly be considered “new media.” Websites like Facebook and Twitter have become part of the way that professionals work, consumers choose products, and companies build their brand.

When it comes to social media for business, San Bernardino’s leading marketing agency, Firm Media, understands the value each social network offers. We select the social media services based on an established process:

  • Our professionals meet with clients to learn more about their business, products, services, and audience.
  • We look for opportunities to engage the client’s audience in a way that helps to achieve their business goals.
  • Firm Media selects the social media platforms that best fit our findings. Choosing the right social networks means that we focus our time and the client’s marketing dollars on the most effective channels.

When considering social media for business, San Bernardino companies will likely explore Facebook and Twitter as two of the most popular services. Below, Firm Media discusses the advantages each offers.


With over one billion active users, Facebook offers businesses a tremendous, targetable audience. Firm Media helps companies use Facebook to develop stronger relationships with their current customers and reach out to potential customers.

We accomplish this with a few different tactics. Usually, it begins with creating the company’s Facebook Page and integrating apps that will help make that page engaging to visitors. We also help companies curate and produce content that will be of interest to their audience. Most significantly, Firm Media identifies ways to encourage sharing of Facebook content among current customers.

When a business’ current customers share information with potential customers, it introduces that brand to a whole new audience. This is one of the most important goals when working with social media companies. San Bernardino businesses can multiply their reach many times over using this approach.


Twitter offers businesses a real-time connection with customers. When a business shares, or “tweets,” its content, that content appears on the Twitter webpages of the business’ followers. As a result, it is a phenomenal platform for companies that have timely offers or information.

Firm Media helps clients develop customer relationships through Twitter by sharing great content. We also “follow” other Twitter members whose accounts are related to the client’s business. One of our goals is to have the client’s content re-shared, or “retweeted,” to the audiences of those who follow the business. When this happens, the message is amplified many times over.

As a result of the above, Twitter can help businesses:

  • Create casual relationships with their audience.
  • Shape their brand based on the content they share.
  • Drive traffic to their website, products, and services.

Beyond the Basics

Facebook and Twitter are great networking platforms, but there are others that may be a fit for your company. To learn more about social media for business, San Bernardino residents can visit our local offices, call us at (855) 912-0573, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.