Firm Media is a leading provider of social media management. Orange County companies partner with us because of our expertise, experience, and approach, and we prove the value of their investment in every client engagement.

If you are exploring social media companies, expect all of these qualities in the service provider you choose…

The company you select should be able to tell you how social media can help your business.

Firm Media’s experience has taught us that social media management can benefit most companies. We have worked with Orange County businesses in a variety of industries; with B2B and B2C companies; and with organizations that are solely online and only brick-and-mortar. For each type of business, there is a strategy that can help achieve its goals.

At the same time, using social media for the sake of using social media is the wrong approach. The business that handles your online presence should be able to explain how it will help achieve your business goals and meet customer needs.The provider should be focused on these aims with every project.

Your social media company should choose platforms that will connect you with customers.

Just because a website is getting buzz for being “the next Facebook” does not make it a good investment of time and energy. With social media management, Orange County companies should select a provider that understands the benefits each platform offers and how it fits with their business.

Firm Media begins by learning about your company and your customers instead of haphazardly recommending social media for your business. Once we know your needs, we are able to choose the right platforms for reaching your audience.

Because of our experience, we know that certain companies will reach customers more easily through Facebook than Twitter or that certain businesses can grow their sales more with Pinterest than with Google+. Also, focusing on fewer platforms means more tailored content for your audience and better results for your business.

The provider you select should adopt the right strategy for each social media platform.

Each social media service has its advantages. As a result, the provider with which you work should have a strategy for each platform. Twitter, for example, requires ongoing status updates with content that is relevant and interesting to the business’ audience. On Facebook, you may need a more balanced approach so that posts do not overwhelm the user.

Firm Media tailors the content and timing of posts to fit the social media. We consider how each service works together to drive business to your company. This approach—along with our attention to customer service and the value we offer—make us the right fit for your needs.

Firm Media is a leading provider of social media for business. Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange County companies partner with us to create an effective and engaging presence online. Learn more by visiting our local offices, calling us at (855)912-0573, or connecting with us at Facebook and Twitter.