Social Media Marketing: San Bernardino’s Firm Media Discusses the Importance of Targeting the Right Audiences Online

When Firm Media provides clients with social media management, San Bernardino companies are typically asked to provide a lot of information about their work. As an interactive marketing company, we want to know as much as possible about our clients’ business, products, services, and current online activities.

In this “data collection” phase, we gather the details we need to conduct proper social media management. San Bernardino businesses usually take this time to discuss the customers they want. They tell us about how they are reaching out to these customers currently, and they also provide us with demographic and behavioral details.

However, Firm Media also gathers information about other members of a client’s audience. This includes…

Current customers

One of the greatest values that social media provides is the ability to amplify a company’s message. When we plan social media, we look for opportunities to connect with current customers who can help achieve this goal.

Firm Media engages these customers by providing them with content related to the business and its brand. We also encourage these customers to share information about the client with other people that they know. The result is that we help clients keep their current customers, encourage future purchases among these customers, and drive acquisition of new customers.

Internal stakeholders

What a company says and does online can affect its employees, managers, and stockholders. For example, the company can improve morale by publicly recognizing the achievements of its workers. It can help managers become “thought leaders” by helping them host online chats with others in the industry. Also, it can add perceived value for investors by announcing new business initiatives on their Facebook Page, LinkedIn, or elsewhere.

When Firm Media creates a social media management plan for San Bernardino businesses, it considers these stakeholders as part of the equation. We create content that achieves the company’s external goals (such as attracting new customers) as well as content that strengthens the business’ existing alliances.


The social media strategies that Firm Media employs are not all about getting the word out to stakeholders and customers. They are sometimes about gathering intelligence on competitors and using that information to improve the work of our clients.

The public nature of social media means that companies can learn a lot about their competitors. Our clients can find out how those businesses interact with their audience; the features potential customers want; a competitor’s plans for new services or products; and more. Simultaneously, Firm Media helps clients recognize how their competitors may view them online and how to guard important information.

Whichever audience Firm Media targets, clients can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to deliver results. As a leading provider of social media for business, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles County companies turn to us for effective online marketing. Learn about our services by visiting us, calling us at (855) 912-0573, “liking” us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter.