Website Marketing: Orange County Internet Promotion

The website is the central hub to all of your web marketing efforts and because of this, it has to achieve multiple goals. First of all, it should be an extension of the brand you’ve already built up within local Orange County circles. Next, it needs to draw readers in and encourage them to take one of three vital conversion actions:

* Call your business for more information.

* Contact you via email or a built-in contact form.

* Bookmark your business by following you on Twitter or Facebook or subscribing to your blog.

At Firm Media, our website marketing campaigns are designed to get you more conversions and more leads through a variety of proven strategies. Rather than focusing solely on search engine optimization (SEO), we tailor every aspect of building, promoting and maintaining a website towards creating a conversion-friendly experience.

We begin by constructing your website that is highly search engine optimized, but without compromising the readability or design. We help your website speak fluently with search engines so they know how to index it to bring you the most qualified traffic as possible.

Next, we apply the fundamental principles of graphic, visual and web design to the overall look, feel and functionality of your website. When it comes to website marketing, you have even less time to make an impression on a web user than a TV commercial or print ad (studies estimate that users make up their mind about a website within five seconds). With this in mind, we carefully craft your websites to instantly convey a professional image and intuitively guide them towards the areas of your website you want them to see.

Meanwhile, we are also working off site to build buzz and bring traffic to your website. This includes ongoing social network marketing efforts, Internet video marketing and active directory management. These pieces all come together in a seamless, well-branded way that helps turn views into clicks, clicks into leads and leads into sales.

Ready to learn more about website marketing? Orange County-based Firm Media is here to help. Call us at (855) 912-0573 to find out how we can get your website noticed.