If you asked 100% of professional practice owners if they enjoy wasting money, 100% would say no. But the numbers say otherwise when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. This leads us to believe that professional practices are simply unaware of the tragedy that is their PPC strategy and, to be perfectly frank, we’re sick and tired of it!

There is a simple way to potentially increase your conversion rates from PPC ads by 50% and we’ll tell you about it here.

It’s time for some tough love and hard data!

You’re running a PPC campaign and your ads are showing up on relevant search pages. That’s great! But when someone clicks on your ad, where do they go? According to Unbounce, 80% of PPC traffic is sent to a main website page, a shopping cart, a registration page, or a product page.

You may be asking, “What’s wrong with that? They’re still coming to my website.” The only issue is you’re not creating a conversion-friendly funnel – in other words, you’re wasting money.

Think about it from your potential patient or client’s perspective. They’re searching for information about breast augmentation so they type “breast augmentation” into Google and see ads for plastic surgeons offering that procedure. They find one that appeals to them and click on it.

If the visitor expects to see a page about breast augmentation but instead sees a homepage with lots of general information, guess what they’re going to do next? LEAVE!

Wait! Don’t go!

Why will they leave? They left because you did not give them exactly what they were looking for. It’s true that you directed the visitor to something kind of relevant to their original query but it isn’t exactly what they’re looking for. They’ll just head back to Google’s search results and click on one of your competitor’s ads.

Think of it like this: you’re ready to buy a new Ford Mustang. You go to a car dealership and tell the salesman, “I’m looking to buy a Ford Mustang.” He replies, “Wonderful! Come see our line of Explorers, Fiestas, F-150’s, Fusions, Focuses & Mustangs.” In your head, you’re thinking, “I just wanted to look at Mustangs. Was the salesman not paying attention to me?” So you leave the dealership in search of another one that can show you exactly what you’re looking for.

That is the situation that many of your prospective patients and clients are running into. They’re ready to purchase one specific thing, but you’re showing them all kinds of other things they don’t want, so they leave to find someone else who can give them precisely what they’re looking for.

So What’s the Solution?

Create a targeted landing page specifically for your ad.

  • The landing page should match the branding of your website
  • The focus subject should match both the ad and the search term
  • The page needs one call to action (fill out the form, call today, sign up for our e-blast, etc.).

Targeted landing pages perform 25% better. Plus, if you test your landing page and make adjustments to the layout, design, and copy based on traffic patterns you can double that number (source). That’s potentially 50% more people contacting you from your advertising and 50% less money in the trash.

Landing page design is not easy. But with continuous testing, you can improve the design and content to give searchers exactly what they’re looking for and convert more leads into patients/clients at significantly lower costs.

Now that you have this information…


Ready to partner with us on your professional practice PPC campaign with targeted landing pages? We can help.

By Anthony Albiero
Anthony came to Firm Media in 2017 and started as an Account Executive. Through his willingness, perseverance, and thirst for knowledge Anthony has since been elevated to SEM Strategist, where he is certified by Google and consistently delivers strong results in our client's PPC campaigns.

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