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Meet Curt Sautter

Chief Financial Officer

Curt Sautter is the Chief Financial Officer and co-founder of Firm Media. His vision and expertise have grown the company into a successful, fiscally-sound enterprise that has served hundreds of medical practices while maintaining long-term clients and employees. As CFO of Firm Media, Curt manages the company’s financial health, including strategic planning, infrastructure, and accounting. He also guides human resources and employee development, ensuring that the team works effectively and efficiently.

Before co-founding Firm Media, Curt held the role of district manager with Prism Retail Services, managing client relations across six states. He also spent 15 years in management with The McDonald’s Corporation with more than 1,000 employees under his direct supervision. In this role, he oversaw complex financial and human resources matters. Outside of his work with Firm Media, Curt is a live music enthusiast and founder of Delirium Records.

“Do Something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t, do something else.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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